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Fellow teachers, have you ever bit off more than you can chew?  I must confess, I have!…
Between all the improvements I’ve made on the BMS Career Center blog, my weekly blog at Devotions for Teachers, and the fact that my students are now in the throws of blogging themselves, I’ve come to the realization that I am going to have to relinquish my duties here at Tip of the Day for Teachers (that is, if I want to have a little time left for my hubby, as he thinks my computer is a permanent fixture on my lap!).
Thank you for reading the blog.  I have really enjoyed posting tips for you here at Tip of the Day for Teachers.  Don’t forget, you can still stop by for a visit at Devotions for Teachers and the BMS Career Center!  I look forward to seeing you there.
Many blessings to you!

Know Your Stuff – Your Computer Stuff, That Is!

If I took a quick survey asking teachers if they knew how to work all the programs on their computer, I’m thinking nearly half would answer back with a resounding NO!  (Me included, I might add!) In fact, your clue meter may be reading zero on this topic!
The best solution, of course, would be to take the time to play around on your computer as much as possible. Also, if your school or school system is going to Google Apps like it seems most are these days, then here is a good refresher course on Google Apps, that doesn’t take that long to browse through to help you get started.  Technology continues to advance at the speed of lightning… it’s very important we stay on top of our game and not be clueless, teachers. 🙂
#MakeTheTime  #TakeTheTime  #KnowYourComputer

Hello, What’s Your Name Again?…

Does this every happen to you?!
PowerTeacher Gradebook has an excellent way to get ahead of the game by matching student names with their faces before they even walk into your class for the first time. If you’re like me and need all the help you can get, then go to the Student Info tab in Gradebook and click on the student’s name.  When you do, it pulls up his or her picture (if your school uploads school pictures like ours does) and wala! there they are! 🙂
This is particularly useful if you have several classes and/or you teach connections or elective classes that change every quarter or semester. I myself am determined to use this feature more consistently this school year as I hate it when I look at a student and can’t, for the life of me, recall their name. UGH!  I hate that, don’t you?!
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Keep Them Alive ‘Till They’re 25!

All middle and high school teachers, as well as parents, should be required to watch the Ted-Ed video I’m posting today.  Not. Kidding!
It is about the adolescent/teenage brain.  Yes, there is a reason why they act the way they do, and the more you understand why, the better you can plan your lessons and manage your classroom.  One particular line that stood out for me was the title to the post today – Keep Them Alive ‘Till They’re 25!  Watch and learn about the neurological science behind that statement.
If you have extra time, type in Ted-Ed brain videos into your Google task bar and watch as many as you can.  I promise you, it will make you feel better and be more empathetic toward your students.  Yes, it will do you and your students a world of good!

The Neuroanatomical Transformation of the Teenage Brain: Jill Bolte Taylor

#TeenBrains  #NotCrazyOnPurpose

An Eye on Classroom Management – Part 2

It took just one minute! Just ONE minute!  I left the kitchen to check on the laundry and the kettle of water on the stove boiled over and went everywhere!  Likewise, one minute is all it takes for behaviors to boil over in the classroom.  Can I get an amen?!  More times (than I care to admit) have I thought to myself, “What in the world just happened here?”
As the old saying goes, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you insert the word engagement where the word prevention is, you know where I’m headed with this post!
If you have a particularly challenging class, you can never take the day off when it comes to keeping students engaged.  Moreover, if it’s an especially exasperating one, then most of the time there is a learning curve in understanding just what engaging activities they can handle without getting out of control. (Been there. Done that!)
Disclaimer:  Engaging lessons are not full proof, but they do help!
I, therefore, present to you a list of activities for you to experiment with in an effort to overcome the adversity of these, and I’m trying to express myself in the kindest of terms, challenging classes.  Just remember to give the more mischievous students an active role as you go along, and if that doesn’t work, send them to the hall to practice their writing skills! 🙂

50 Alternatives To Lecturing, from TeachThought


An Eye On Classroom Management

Last year, classroom management was one of the hottest blogging topics… and from the looks of what I’ve seen so far this year, it continues to burn up the bloggingsphere, as I like to call it.
We can’t be productive in the classroom if we don’t have control of our class.  So, right out of the gate this school year, I am posting 2 articles I’ve read that will help teachers in this area – one today and one tomorrow.  It will be well worth your time to read these and take action! 🙂
Article #1:  How Not to Lose Control of a Class

Teamwork Can Make The Dream Work!

It’s what we teachers teach our students and coaches teach their athletes, but do we remember this tip for ourselves as teachers?
When we collaborate with one another, we can make happen whatever we need to make happen!  Don’t forget to seek the counsel of your fellow teachers whenever you’re having a hard time figuring out what or how to do something. Together every one accomplishes much.